About us

Zhongshan CJ photoelectrical technologyco.,ltd concentrated on the development and application of AC direct driversolution ,we are the unique high-technology enterprise in the world combinedthe R&D of driver IC, the solution design, light-engine module & LEDlighting  production and sales. Since CJ establishment,we have developed more than 2000 different solution in last 3 years andaccumulated rich experience in application; Our AC light-engine module can passCCC、CQC、CE、GS、UL、SAA、KC、BIS and other safety certification in the world after assemblingwith a suitable housing. We have got customer’s satisfaction by launching aone-on-one customization service, and comprehensively supplying overallsuperior solution for LED lighting industry.

Power Regulation(185-260V)

Excellent input powerregulation by auto power regulation

Surge Protection

Amid all the uncertainty over applicationenvironment of outdoor lighting products, especially the failure of AC directdriver products caused by the strong lighting surge, after numerous simulationexperiment, we developed a patented surge protection circuit accordingto the characteristic of IC chip and combinations of different components.By which greatly improves the stability and reliability of the system and over6000V surge protection guaranteed. Compact design and simpler circuit can be integratedon the same PCB board directly; it has saved the pace and economized the cost.


Contraposed the poor performance on the THDtesting of AC direct driver products, we developed a special circuit accordingto the characteristic of IC chip, by which each point (mA/W) of THD testing canmeet the requirements without sacrificing the efficiency.

Abundant experience on application

Adhering to offer our customer thepersonalized customization service, we rolled out more than 1500different solutionsand accumulated richexperience in application, by which we know very clearly on how to fix variousproblems in application.

Low Reject Ratio

Relying on the rich practical experiences,strict management and quality control .we strictly control the reject ration ofdelivery product less than 1‰ and failure rate in 2 years(24 hours) of final product less than3%.

High Luminosity

Depending on the strong ability indevelopment of driver IC we have, we easily improved the luminous Efficiencyover 100lm/w (Max.140lm/w) by advancing the power conversion efficiency (>90%)and rich application experience we have.

Dimming technology

Triac dimming—--By applying a active filtercircuit, it can increase the holding current to D-IC, also can reduce thevisible flicker occurrence, and it have large dimmable range with very goodperformance of overall lighting up and down, Compatible with the most TRIACdimmers on the market.

PWM dimming—it achieved by the adjustmentto the duty-ratio of led current with superior performance both on brightness dimmingand CCT adjustment. And it has simple circuit and own designed module.

Flood lights module series
Form: Flood light
Type: JD-T2H050P-1
Form: Flood light
Type: CJ-T2A010-1
Form: Flood light
Type: CJ-T2A020-1
Form: Flood light
Type: CJ-T2H030-1
Form: Flood light
Type: CJ-T2H010-3
Form: Flood light
Type: CJ-T2H020-2
Form: Flood lighting
Type: CJ-T2H030P-4
Form: Flood lighting
Type: CJ-T2H050P-1
Form: Flood lighting
Type: CJ-T2H070P-1
Form: Flood light
Type: CJ-T2H100P-1
High-bay lights module series
Form: Mining lamp
Type: CJ-G2A150P-1
Form: Mining lamp
Type: CJ-G2A100P-1
Form: Mining lamp
Type: CJ-G2A050P-3
Form: Mining lamp
Type: CJ-G2A050P-2
Form: Mining lamp
Type: CJ-G2A050P-1
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